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Alex Farzan, Esq.

Civil Litigation Attorney

I provide a unique style of representation where the client and I are intimately connected throughout the duration of their case. If you become my client, the majority of your communications with my office will be directly with me – not my staff. I am both your attorney and trusted companion while we navigate through your case together, and I will not stop representing you until you are satisfied with the result. My goal as an attorney is to make your life fair again, no matter what kind of harm you have suffered.

Prior to starting my law firm, I worked for one of the largest law firms in the country, where I defended insurance companies and multinational corporations in civil lawsuits. I bring that experience to provide high quality legal representation to injury victims, everyday people and small business owners.


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I handle a wide variety of civil matters – not JUST personal injury. While most attorneys only focus on one field of law, I prefer to have a diverse law practice. This helps me become a better, more well rounded attorney, and it also allows me to help people with different types of issues. Below are some of the types of legal matters I can handle:

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